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the executive (as-built) documentation in building in Russia

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Industrial-technological support of building, the executive (as-built) documentation in building in Russia. LLC Contreforce carries out technological support of building in the Russia. Within the limits of the given line of activity, by the qualified engineers of LLC Contreforce it is spent: 1. Drawing up and examination of estimates We offer services of our experts-smetchikov for drawing up, the analysis and examination of the budget documentation at building and repair. 2. Examination of turnkey contracts At the conclusion of the turnkey contract with civil engineering firm, the contract building contracts, made by lawyers of civil engineering firm is offered to you. If you aren't the lawyer and the expert in building it is difficult to you to estimate many positions of the contract at a conclusion stage. In result, during building or repair work it is found out that many questions on terms, quality, kinds of works aren't provided by the contract. As a result to you are imposed agreements and estimates that leads to growth of initial cost of works in 1,5-2 times are additional. Our experts will check up your contract and will give the expert judgment saving your money and time. 3. Working out of the executive (as-built) documentation at the projects of the Russia. Bodies of building supervision rather carefully check registration of the executive documentation by preparation of object for commissioning in Russia RTN and authority, therefore special value at building has presence correctly and competently issued executive documentation.

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